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Why it is better to order boosting in WoW from us?


Boosters professionality

All our boosters are approved and answer purposes that are needed to perform the services. Almost all of them reached high-skill tops in one or more games, and they are willing every effort to perform the task. Also It is important to not forget about safety of your game accounts. Many game-publishers do not like that someone can get help by boosters. We are serious about account security, so we resort to all methods to mask booster presence on your account — using VPN technology to mask the real ip address. It is also possible to use some more safety methods in some difficult situations.

Account Share

Many services as level boosting etc. imply game account share. That is mean that you need give our agent an account information that is needed — data to enter the game and do some game process by your character. Given information is transferring from our agent to booster which will do your order. During performing the order with account share you are agree to not use your game account without the prior consent with an agent.

Reliability and confidentiality

All your private information is kept with us and is used only to providing online-services: order performs and inform clients about order delivery, price changes, adding services, promotions and discounts. You always can decline to receive such mailings with just pressing the link in the letter for refusing further information.

Online support

You have some more questions or difficulties regarded to your order? Just write down to our online-support! Our operators will be happy to help to deal with your problem and answer your questions. Also you contact us with email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or with skype : Online support works every day from 10-00 to 00-00 CET time.
  • Purchasing leveling on Crazyboost will give you complete confidence – your character will be leveled by a professional driver that will level your character the fastest way via quests and dungeons, completing all possible leveling achievements, if you’d like to, packing your character with all acquired loot, gold, nice items for transmogrification and more. Let us save your time with smooth leveling from 100 to 110 when it’s most convenient for you, without any bots, cheats or similar stuff!

Let us warn you on boosting from the similar services with some examples:

  • Leveling is usually being done by another booster, who is doing PvP boosting. In this case your leveling takes a longer time and a person doesn’t get it in the timeline or can even face problems and will simply put a bot to level your character.
  • Your character is being level by a non-professional, that was found in trade and is not responsible doing anything he or she wants with your account.
  • Boosting of your character is being done using bugs and cheats that will make your character banned in future or will put sanctions to your account.

Support 10:00-00:00 CET

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