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LoL Influence Points Farm

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Influence points farm

Our service is always taking care of the players among the Runterra. We understand that sometimes you do not have enough time to play a lot of games to buy champion, runes, icons or etc you were wishing for. For that we created a great offer — Influence points boost. Waste it how you wish!

What are influence points?

Influence Points, or IP, are a measure of a summoner's influence in the League of Legends rewarded based on their performance on the Fields of Justice. The amount of IP rewarded varies on the outcome of the game, the game type, and the length of the match.

For what can I spend this IP's?

You can otlay them on just about anything in the game. Champions, runes, some icons, some chromas (recolours of the champions), hextech mystery champion shard.

How exactly are you farming it? Do you use bots?

We are definitely not using bots to farm Influence points on your account. The players do that for you. You can say where actually you need to farm this one. Maybe you want your friends saw you're only playing 3x3 or something like that. All this can be considered with the operator

How to buy Influence points?

    • The first step is to add the position you want in cart.
    • Second step is to register on our site. The good moment is that you will receive some bonuses in the future by us on one account you have created. We have cumulative discount system.
    • Third step named “Fields”. There you are adding an additional information about you so we will contact you after we found a slot for you
    • Fourth step is Payment. You’re confirm friendly transaction and getting the good
    • Fifth step. After you have done the payment. We are contanting you and doing our job. Everything is simple with


You are getting more IP's in Summoner's Rift 5vs5 than in others modes. The amount of Influence points in Beginner Mode can be penalted by the level of your account. For this, 1-9 levels have no penalty(~2.312IP/min), 10-19 have 15% penalty(~1.965 IP/min), 20-29 have 30% penalty (1.618 IP/min) and 30 has 45% penalty (~1.272 IP/min).Runes can only be bought with IP. Skins and bundles can be bought only with RP, not with IP.

The maximum/minium amount of IP from a match is:

Win: (first win of the day bonus, 55+ mins ranked match, IP boost (timed and per win)) 150 + 168 + 168 + 168 = 654 IP (822 on a double-IP weekend)

Loss (55+ mins match): 95 IP

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