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League of legends Coaching

League of legends can be trully called the most fun, beauty and interesting game in MOBA genre games. If you decided to join this wonderfull air you won't be wrong for sure. Runterra always need newcomers. But, to understand how the mechanism of the game works you will probably need someone to teach you, and for sure, we have a solution of this issue. We are offering you Coaching. With pro player near you, that will have voice chat,or in-game chat he will explain every question you would have about how to play, what to press, what to build, how the champions work. You will get all the details that are needed to be the best!

What will I get?

  • valuable experience of the game
  • A lot of influence points(in-game currency)
  • Key fragments and chests in hextech loot
  • A lot of influence points(in-game currency)
  • Key fragments and chests in hextech loot

Why would I buy LoL Coaching on

We will pick up the most friendly and high-skilled driver for you. We are team that is directed on you, on players. We are the same players like you, that want to help at such times when people can't waste as much time as needed for the game,but want to get the best from it. Due to that we are always creating and thinking about some new offers for you. Also, we have a nice operator it right-bottom corner where you can talk about some details you want to know about each product made by us.

How to buy Coaching in LoL?

  • The first step is to add the position you want in cart.
  • Second step is to register on our site. The good moment is that you will receive some bonuses in the future by us on one account you have created. We have cumulative discount system.
  • Third step named “Fields”. There you are adding an additional information about you so we will contact you after we found a slot for you
  • Fourth step is Payment. You’re confirm friendly transaction and getting the good
  • Fifth step. After you have done the payment. We are contanting you and doing our job. Everything is simple with

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